Declaration of Support for the State of Israel and its Citizens from the Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU)

Declaration of Support for the State of Israel and its Citizens from the Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU)

The OEU strongly condemns Hamas's deadly attack on the State of Israel and its Citizens

yesterday morning, Saturday, 07 October 2023. A special emphasis of this condemnation goes

to the brutal killings and kidnappings of children, the elderly, and women following the attack on

Saturday, a "Day of Prayer." All this destruction of civilians can only be seen as sheer terrorism.

This attack has been aimed not only against the Israeli Jewish Community but against all the

inhabitants of Israel at large. The murder of a Cambodian student and the kidnapping of two

Thai workers is testimony to that. The OEU strongly condemns the attack on Israel in general

and the deaths, injuries, and kidnappings of innocent civilians in particular.


● The OEU calls on the international community to condemn this barbaric attack by the

militants of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and all the supportive hand must impose

appropriate measures against all these offenders. We also call on all governments

worldwide to appropriately support Israel in its counter-attacks.

● The efforts of Israeli police and health care providers have saved many Eritrean lives

during the recent clashes among the Eritrean community in Israel. As an Eritrean

organization, we appreciate the great support and contribution to the welfare of Eritreans

afforded to us. It is thus not only a moral obligation to stand by the Israeli people and

army in their struggle to secure peace and security in the current war waged by terrorists

but also a matter of survival in Israel, where more than 17,000 Eritrean citizens live.

● We wish Eternal Rest to the dead, speedy recovery to the injured, a safe return to the

abductees, and our heartfelt condolences to those who have lost loved ones during this

difficult and sorrowful time.

The Executive Committee of

the Organization of Eritrean Unity

08 October 2023


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