Statement of deep grief

Statement of deep grief

During the past weeks, the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) had been staging its so-called festivals all over the globe, intended simply for propaganda and slander campaigns as usual. But this time around, the regime's festivals and their slanderous provocations were successfully challenged by Eritrean youth worldwide. These widespread challenges have greatly undermined the dictatorial regime's diplomatic endeavors and the popular support it enjoyed for decades. In Israel, the regime has started using the ill-informed section of our society to fight back against the dedicated regime challengers. Like most dictators, the Eritrean dictatorial regime is against building a more inclusive and just society where people of different backgrounds and beliefs can coexist peacefully and work together for the common good. Therefore, PFDJ is working to leave a scorched earth legacy by sowing hate and havoc among followers and opponents.

Our beloved and cherished gallant people: Organize and protect yourselves and the lives of your community by realizing that the heinous crime that transpired in Israel can be carried out in other countries by deploying similar desperate villains and idiots. Such people killed an innocent Eritrean family man in Israel yesterday, September 26/2023. They ambushed him on his way home from work. PFDJ has neither the will nor the capacity to create spaces for respectful dialogue and discussion where people with differing viewpoints can engage constructively. It resorts instead to crimes like what had just happened in Israel. PFDJ will only escalate its desperate measures against innocent Eritreans who do not subscribe to its violent and fraudulent doctrine. Eritreans worldwide need to organize themselves and protect their lives and the security and peace of their communities. Let's all work tirelessly to bring the perpetrators to justice. PFDJ is daringly committing acts of crimes against Eritreans in foreign countries to instill fear and deter us from challenging it. Such acts shall not hinder us from the right path to success. Although it is abundantly clear that all that can be expected from the regime are deaths and killings, we must organize ourselves better to face them. The only choice left against such a regime is to confront it in the language it understands and defeat it for good. The phase of our struggle demands that we become stronger and organize ourselves considerably, taking for granted that the closer we get to Eritrea, the more difficult our struggle will become. The price paid for popular victory is always precious.


Our condolences to the entire family and friends!

27sep 2023


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