Statement of the Organization of Eritrean Unity

Statement of the Organization of Eritrean Unity

Eritrean justice seekers in the Diaspora have been at the forefront of political advocacy efforts, raising awareness about the human rights abuses and political repression occurring in Eritrea. They engage in peaceful protests, demonstrations, and campaigns to draw international attention to these issues.

Against this background, Eritrean youth who have experienced human rights abuses firsthand in Eritrea and who organized themselves as "Brigade Nihamedu" are now challenging the People's Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ) around the globe. Their persistent dedication and commitment to challenging the Regime's propaganda festivals in the Diaspora have significantly garnered attention and respect within the international community and among Eritreans worldwide. They have started to be viewed by the Eritrean people as a source of enormous pride and a beacon of hope.

The Eritrean youth have proven to promote dialogue and reconciliation among Eritreans by attracting the engagement of other organizations, groups, and individuals, increasing their support base. The youth aim to continue extending this spirit of change and networking inside and outside Eritrea as they work towards a more peaceful and united country. Their far and wide active involvement in political and diplomatic activities advocating for justice and accountability on the international stage is to raise awareness and ultimately bring about positive change in their homeland. Their determination and commitment to this end reflect what they have suffered in Eritrea and the active sufferings of their people inside the country. 

Not only did Brigade Nihamedu's persistent dedication and commitment to challenging PFDJ draw the international community's and media attention, it also exposed the Regime's crimes, conspiracies, naked lies, and slanders, scoring victories in foiling PFDJ's propaganda campaigns so-called festivals. 

Our peace-loving and heroic people!

Rejoice that the struggle for peace and democracy you have tirelessly fought for decades is now blossoming into tangible diplomatic and political victories by the successor generations of youth. The victorious history of September 1st of 1961 has now repeated itself in September 2023. 

Hiding behind the historic inception of the Eritrean armed struggle on September 1st, 1961, the so-called 4th Front of the PFDJ regime planned to celebrate with arrogance and hateful propaganda, but the courageous and resilient Eritrean youth foiled it. That same day, the 4th Front unsuccessfully tried maneuvering by holding its usual intimidation celebrations in Bergen (Norway) and Zurich (Switzerland). 

According to the Regime in Eritrea, its Security forces are divided into Four Fronts or military commands: three are inside Eritrea, and the 4th Front is abroad in the Diaspora in Europe and the USA. Therefore, when this 4th Front was miserably defeated and humiliated by the Eritrean youth across Europe and the United States, the heads of the Eritrean intelligence agency, Taame Ghebrehannes (Mekelle) and Gaim Tesfamchael made strong preparations in their respective networks to enforce their violent acts by exploiting the refugee status and problems in Israel. 

In 2023, each supporter of PFDJ was told to donate 1,700 shekels (450 USD) to celebrate September 1st in Israel. In the past, donation requests were at most 25 USD. The increase is because PFDJ considers Israel its stronghold and was prepared to revive the Eritrean youth in its pool to make a turning point by defeating Brigate Nihamed and overturning the victories scored by Brigade Nihamedu elsewhere. The 4th Front in Israel was under the illusion that their force stopped the conflict between them and justice seekers of four years ago. Further, they went beyond insulting in powerful words to openly boasting on media of having in their possession knives and guns.

Eritrean justice seekers residing in Israel who clearly understood the plans and intentions of the PFDJ regime have shown courageous and cautious reactions and pushbacks and foiled the attempts of the Regime. However, many activists have been injured and disabled due to the disproportionate and irresponsible actions of the Israeli Police. The Israeli Police faced the demonstrators with bullets and live ammunition; this was completely inappropriate action against peaceful demonstrators with legal permission to demonstrate. Consequently, over 150 people have sustained minor and serious injuries in the horrific bloody confrontation. Therefore, we call on all justice seekers worldwide to hold peaceful demonstrations and condemn these inappropriate police actions.

After their defeat, members of the 4th Front brutally beat up children, women, and individuals engaged in unrelated events, such as baptisms. They even went to hospitals and attempted to kill people with knives, an expression of absolute cruelty.

Evaluating the seriousness of the state-sponsored violation, Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu, called a special cabinet meeting and passed strong decisions. The decisions were to deport supporters of the dictatorship and arrest those who caused the violence. It has become abundantly clear to the world that the Regime in Eritrea has no qualms about violating international law. 

It is customary for the Regime in Eritrea to hide itself behind shameful statements. Rather than finding solutions to problems, it makes outrageous statements. For instance, when referring to Brigade Nihamedu, the Regime said, "They are not Eritreans, but Tigrayans." When referring to the 359 Eritrean citizens who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea, the Regime labeled them as "African refugees." Such shameful betrayals will only fuel our struggle until our people and country are free. The shameful Regime has also trampled on the Badme issue for nearly a quarter of a century on the pretext of the TPLF and the USA. Now, it blames Western intelligence agencies, especially the Israeli Foreign Intelligence Agency (Mossad)

In conclusion, here below are our topical messages to our people:

1. Our citizens should not be confused by the lies and propaganda of the PFDJ Regime - like "these are not Eritreans but Tigrayans." Propagandas like these are extensions of the established political card used by dictator Isaias; by now, our people should be aware of these lies and propaganda.

2. These popular waves and uprisings were mainly triggered by the anger of the youth against the actions and propaganda of the PFDJ Regime. It was a mass wave accompanied by intellectuals, experienced activists, and political parties. Contrary to the allegations of the Regime, the movement is neither initiated nor supported by any foreign interests or intelligence agencies. Thus, the sons and daughters of the Eritrean people are determined to continue the struggle by strengthening organized activities and building the necessary networks. The main network would be inside Eritrea.

3. It is the responsibility of justice seekers worldwide to help the wounded brothers and sisters and try to find a way to get the detained released. Taking this opportunity, we call on all our people to join hands at this juncture.

4. Once again, the OEU calls on all Eritreans to raise their voice in peaceful demonstrations at Israeli embassies worldwide to seek justice in solidarity with ProDemocracy Eritreans in Israel: (a) Release arrested pro-justice Eritreans, (b) Expedite Refugee Status Determination for asylum seekers in Israel, (c) Shut down the Eritrean Regime's Embassy in Tel Aviv. for

5. At this critical juncture, where the PFDJ Regime is on the verge of collapse, we urge all Eritreans to be organized. Organization is the power and security for our country's safety and lasting change. 

We wish a speedy recovery to our wounded and mercy to those arrested!

Let's fight together to restore our dignity! 

Executive Committee

Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU)

06 September,2023


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