(OEU) statement on the Current Armed Conflict going on in Sudan

This is the Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU) statement on the Current Armed Conflict going on in Sudan

Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces in Sudan. This is so because it was not in OEU’s expectation to go thus far. However, without consent from the people, to simply grab political power, armed conflicts in the northern Horn of Africa are not new occurrences. A clear example of such a kind is the recent two-year-old war in Ethiopia. Now, it seems that it is a turn to Sudan.

Since its independence Sudan had seen several military coups. But, what is currently happening in Sudan is unprecedented and there has never been to such magnitude in the densely populated city of Khartoum. The wise, caring, and responsible Sudanese people do not deserve this. Thus, Our hearts go to the Sudanese people. The Sudanese people are wise enough to solve their country’s political problems. Thus, they should be given the space and conducive environment to deal with their own political issues.

Sudan is one of the biggest countries in Africa. It is bordered by seven African countries and we hope that all the bordering countries do not attempt to meddle in the current internal matters of Sudan. Taking the behavior of the Eritrean Regime into consideration, the recent internal meddling of the Eritrean Regime in the Ethiopian internal business is a clear example. Thus, OEU wants to highlight that all bordering countries refrain from such behavior.

Taking the Sudanese conflict into account, OEU, further, calls for all the leaders of the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Support Force to respect the Sudanese people’s intentions, aspirations, and demands and follow the road your former leaders like Abdel Rahman Suwar al-Dahab pursued. It is not hidden from you the fact that no matter who started or what causes the war or even which forces are involved, most of the time, the results are the same. Armed conflict means a devastating loss of innocent civilian life, massive displacement of people, and violation of human rights, and ultimately becomes responsible for international humanitarian law.

The Organization of Eritrean Unity calls for the two conflicting forces, the Sudanese Armed Forces and the Rapid Supporting Forces, to stop fighting and resolve their differences in a round table and give the chance to the people of Sudan to take care of the business of their own country. OEU believes that the Sudanese people have the capacity and capability to resolve this devastating conflict.

The Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU) is an Eritrean Political Organization that opposes the current Monopolistic and Dictatorial Regime of Eritrea and struggles to introduce a constitutional democracy that upholds and prevails over the rule of law in Eritrea.

Organization of Eritrean Unity (OEU)

April 19, 2023


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